4 fresh keyboard shortcuts to use in Windows 11

If you’ve already installed Windows 11, knowing the new keyboard shortcuts might come in handy!

Just like in the previous operating systems, you can use the mouse to navigate applications and operate various functions in Windows 11. But some people prefer using hotkey combinations to perform the desired action instantly instead of doing a few clicks.

All of the hotkeys from Windows 10 work just fine in Windows 11. On top of that, Microsoft has brought in several new ones. They provide you quick access to the features that were not present in Windows 10. These involve quick settings, widgets, the notifications center, and various docking layouts.

Windows+A opens Quick Settings

Quick Settings are part of the revamped Action Center. It is now split into two parts: Quick Settings and the center for notifications. This menu gives you easy access to the most used settings: volume, brightness, wireless networks, Bluetooth, Focus Assist, and others.

If you’re playing media (audio or video) in Microsoft Edge, Quick Settings will show you the new media controls.

Windows+N opens the notifications center

The new notifications center is part of the Action Center. It contains all the notifications and the calendar for the current month.

Windows+W opens the interface of widgets

Windows 11 introduces new Widgets functionality that resembles News and Interests we had in Windows 10. Here you will see a range of various information clusters, such as News, Weather, Traffic, Sports, Stocks, data from the Microsoft To-Do application, etc.

In addition to the keyboard shortcut, you can access your widgets by clicking on the icon on the taskbar.

Windows+Z opens the dock window menu

The dock menu has been updated in comparison to Windows 10. When you hover the cursor over the maximize button, you will be suggested different window docking layouts. After you select a position for the application, the system will continue to help you arrange the windows in the remaining zones. The grid can consist of four or six windows, depending on the size of your display.