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Microsoft showcased the dark interface of Windows 11

It’s not a secret that the new operating system has a dark color scheme. However, Microsoft paid little attention to this detail during the presentation. At long last, a representative of the company posted an entire gallery to showcase the…

Windows 11 won’t be able to run all Android applications

One of the major innovations Windows 11 brings along is the option for installing and running Android applications. This announcement was well received by many users. However, back then it wasn’t entirely clear what solution Microsoft implemented to achieve this….

How to be among the first users to obtain Windows 11?

The first thing to do is ensuring that your computer’s hardware is up to the minimum technical requirements. To do this, you can use the official utility from Microsoft designed specifically to evaluate the hardware of your computer from the…

Microsoft demonstrates updated Explorer for Windows 11 [VIDEO]

At yesterday’s Windows 11 presentation, Microsoft didn’t shed any light on the main file manager of the OS – the updated Explorer. However, the most attentive users have already extracted its design out of the small video that tells about…