Benchmarks: Windows 11 improves your computer’s performance by 15%

The first tests have demonstrated that Windows 11 is more than just an update to the well-familiar Windows 10 user interface. The Ben Anonymous YouTube channel assures that the new OS demonstrates a noticeable performance surge compared to Windows 10.

The blogger behind the channel claims to use the official Windows 11 Pro build under the number 21996.1, which he obtained directly from Microsoft through his developer account. Interestingly, this version includes some features that were not previously leaked. It is unknown how the video’s author actually got this build. The tests were performed using an ASUS gaming laptop with Intel Core i7-10875H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super on board.

For starters, Windows 11 boots in 13 seconds, while Windows 10 does it in 16 seconds. Thus, the new OS boasts a 19% faster loading time, which is already quite good. After the update, the overall Time Spy score in 3DMark for CPU and GPU surged from 6872 to 7613 points. Taken separately, the CPU performance rose from 6573 to 8886, and the GPU performance went up from 6927 to 7426.

In the CrystalDiskMark test, Windows 10 showed 2930 MB/s read and 3189 MB/s write speeds. On the other hand, these figures grew to 3448 MB/s read and 3336 MB/s write in Windows 11. Thus the read speed has surged by 15.03% and the write speed by 4.41%.

In Geekbench 5, the results also improved markedly after the update. Performance per core grew by 9.04% – from 1138 to 1251 points. In the multi-core mode, the performance growth was 15.59% – from 6284 to 7444 points.

Keep in mind that Windows 11 is still under development. The performance indicators may change for the better or worse by the time the operating system is released.