For installing Windows 11, Internet access is necessary. But you can circumvent this requirement

After the Windows 11 test build appeared on the web as a leak, the new operating system was promptly and repeatedly tested. Besides, enthusiasts have found out that users need Internet access to install the OS. However, before long they also established a way to work around this requirement.

The requirement for an active connection to the Internet to finish the OS installation first appeared in Windows 10. However, you had the option to skip this step by selecting the “I have no Internet access” option – then you’d get the opportunity to create a local account. However, according to various web sources, Windows 11 Home lacks such a built-in solution.

Therefore, you can only sign in with a Microsoft account. But, an easy way to get around this limitation has already been found. The Alt+F4 key combo closes the dialog box, after which you are redirected to the page for creating a local account.