How to activate Explorer tabs in Windows 11

Although Windows 11 boasts an updated File Explorer, the lack of tab support disappointed many users. For several years, everyone has been asking Microsoft to include tabs in File Explorer, but we’re yet to see it happen. To fix this shortcoming in Windows 11, you can use a third-party application called Files.

You can use the Files app on Windows 10, but here we are going to demonstrate how it works along with the native explorer in the first preliminary build of Windows 11. The version showcased in these images is only available to beta testers.

The Files app is touch-friendly and looks good on both tablets and desktop computers. Compared to File Explorer, it lacks certain functions but boasts unique features. On Windows tablets, this app might look even better than the built-in file explorer.

The main advantage of the Files app is the tabs. They allow you to navigate between different files and folders without opening a second window. The app also supports dragging and dropping files between different tabs. Plus, you can open folders and tabs by moving the pointer or swiping over them.

Since Microsoft focuses on touchscreen support in Windows 11, more people can start using devices like Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X as tablets. In this case, a convenient file manager with touch control can come in handy!