How to restore the old taskbar in Windows 11

In the new Windows 11, the taskbar no longer features the support for certain basic functions. In comparison with Windows 10, this may seem like a downgrade. For example, you can only use the taskbar at the bottom of the display. As stated in official documents, Windows 11 does not allow pinning the taskbar to any other screen side.

In the official documentation, Microsoft only admits the removal of a single taskbar function. However, as discovered in preliminary builds, Windows 11 also got rid of the support for a full context menu. The option for drag-and-dropping files into an application on the taskbar was removed as well.

Microsoft acknowledged in the Feedback Hub that this behaviour isn’t considered a “known issue”. Thus, the drag-and-dropping on the taskbar is no longer in Windows 11, at least as of now.

“We appreciate all your feedback, but dragging and dropping a file into an application on the taskbar to open it in that application is currently not supported in Windows 11,” the company said.

On top of that, Windows 11 won’t allow users to create a shortcut on the taskbar by drag-n-dropping applications there, as you can see in the screenshot below.

How to bring back the classic taskbar

Windows 11 appears to still include the classic version of the taskbar, but it’s concealed. In preliminary builds, any user can change the registry and bring back the classic Windows 10 taskbar to your Windows 11. To do this, you need to open the registry and go to the following location:


Here, you should create a DWORD (32-bit) under the name UndockingDisabled; then set it to 1. Next, close the registry editor and reboot Windows.

However, Microsoft will likely disable this trick because the company clearly intends to get rid of the features that date back to the Windows 10 era. For one, the company has removed a loophole that allowed you to bring back the classic Start menu and Live Tiles.

At this point, no one knows when the taskbar functions available in Windows 10 will be transferred to Windows 11.