Microsoft undertakes to solve an annoying issue related to Windows updates

Windows Update confidently sits at the top of users’ least favorite desktop OS services. Updates often arrive at the most inopportune time. And no one but Microsoft knows how long it will take to install them. Now the company intends to solve one of these problems.

The new operating system will show the approximate time needed for the next update’s installation. On top of that, Microsoft says that most patches for Windows 11 will be 40% smaller compared to the previous OS version. Thus, their installation will take remarkably less time.

A leaked screenshot demonstrates how this innovation works. Before restarting the computer to install the update, the user will see the approximate time required for the process. This feature will allow you to decide whether it’s worth updating right now and continuing your work shortly, or if it is wiser to postpone the update until a later time.

Microsoft also speaks of returning to the concept of annual major patches. Thus, all other updates will take little time to install.