The Screen of Death in Windows 11 is no longer blue

For decades, critical Windows errors have been accompanied by the so-called Blue Screen of Death – a full-screen notification that indicates the error code and specifies the alleged cause of the system crash. Before the release of the newest OS version, Microsoft undertook to redesign this iconic Windows feature.

In the current version of Windows 11, the “screen of death” is not fully activated. However, judging by insider reports, Microsoft will indeed change the design of the notorious screen. The familiar blue background color will give way to a minimalistic black. Other elements will remain the same as in the previous Windows version.

The first noticeable change in the BSOD since its premiere in 1995 was the appearance of a sad smiley face in Windows 8. Four years later, the company expanded the information content of notifications by adding a QR code to the text description of the error. However, the main function of the infamous screen has remained the same throughout all these years. Knowing the error code gives you a greater chance at figuring out the cause of the system failure.