Use this Microsoft app to find out if your PC is capable of running Windows 11

Immediately after the Windows 11 unveiling, Microsoft released a special utility that checks the user’s computer for compliance with the system requirements of the new OS. On top of that, someone has posted instructions to fix one of the settings on your PC that may hinder the OS upgrade.

The utility is named Microsoft PC Health Check. Its purpose is to thoroughly analyze your PC or laptop’s hardware and report whether it’s possible to install the latest OS given the current configuration. Here’s what the requirements for Windows 11 look like (their minimum version). The list includes a supported processor from Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm (64-bit), at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of disk space, a GPU that supports DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.x, and a UEFI motherboard with Secure Boot support.

In addition, to install the operating system, the TPM 2.0 encryption module is necessary. It can be implemented either as a microcircuit or through software emulation using the central processor. You can check its presence and version through the Run menu (Win+R) using the tpm.msc command. Interestingly, an article on the Microsoft website lists the TPM 1.2 hardware version as a sufficient condition for the installation of Windows 11. According to insider information, the reference to a newer chip is merely a marketing ploy to motivate buyers to upgrade their hardware.

If there is no active module, try enabling it in the UEFI settings of the motherboard. This option may have different names depending on the brand and model: TPM Device, Trusted Platform Module, PTT, fTPM, or Security Chip. In any case, no one can say yet whether this requirement will remain by the time Windows 11 is released. Nor do experts know if it will be mandatory for all versions of the operating system.

Use this link to download the latest build of the PC Health Check utility. With its help, you can effortlessly scan your PC for any compatibility issues that might prevent you from installing and running Windows 11.