Windows 11 won’t be able to run all Android applications

One of the major innovations Windows 11 brings along is the option for installing and running Android applications. This announcement was well received by many users. However, back then it wasn’t entirely clear what solution Microsoft implemented to achieve this. Now it turns out that there are exceptions to what mobile programs computers with Windows 11 will be able to run.

Windows 11 utilizes Intel Bridge technology to run Android applications. Importantly, it will work not only on computers with Intel processors but also on AMD and ARM chips. Besides, mobile programs will be supported only if they meet several criteria:

  • Android applications that depend on Google services will not be supported by Windows 11. A prime example is all apps from Google itself.
  • To obtain access to Microsoft Store, developers of Android apps for Amazon Appstore will need to optimize their products. Amazon will unveil all the relevant details later this year.
  • At launch, Windows 11 users will only have access to a limited set of Android applications from Amazon Appstore.

Many questions remain unanswered regarding Windows 11’s support for Android applications. For example, no one can tell if it will be possible to install mobile apps bypassing Microsoft Store.