Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to 11 – but there’s a condition

Microsoft continues to clarify the details of the release of the new operating system – Windows 11. As specified recently, not only Windows 10 users can get the update – it will also be available to users of the earlier Windows versions. However, some difficulties will accompany the update process.

After the release of Windows 11, every owner of compatible devices with Windows 10 onboard can easily initiate upgrading to the new OS through system settings. This process is not going to be any more difficult than installing a regular update. However, if your computer runs Windows 7 and meets the Windows 11 hardware requirements, upgrading to the latest OS will not go as smoothly. The user will have to initiate a clean installation because Windows 7 does not support direct upgrading to Windows 11.

“Most of the devices on the market will be upgraded to Windows 11. You will have the option to either upgrade to Windows 11 or perform a clean installation of the new OS. The latter option will be available for devices with Windows 7 that meet the hardware requirements,” a representative of Microsoft said in an official statement.

Worth noting, Windows 7 still enjoys great popularity; millions of computers still have it on board. However, Microsoft ended the official support for this OS back in January 2020.